Bathroom Remodeling Tips: From Small Changes to Major Renovations


Breathe new life into your bathroom without breaking the bank! Homeowners love giving their bathrooms a fresh look, and it’s easy to understand why – with smaller areas needing less furniture, accessories, and time spent cleaning up. With just a few updates here-and-there you can make dramatic changes in your own bathroom that won’t take too much effort or cost an arm and leg.

Create Niches and Recesses for More Room 

The rule of thumb is to build upward instead of outward when square footage is at a premium. Small bathrooms can benefit greatly from built-ins like recessed soap dishes, medicine cabinets, and even toilet paper roll holders. Converting an above light to a recessed fixture is another option for making the ceiling look more flush. If you need more room for storage, consider constructing the walls.

Bathroom Ventilation

When shopping for a bathroom fan, it is important to think beyond just the exhaust capacity- how many cubic feet of air can be moved per minute. Noise level should also play an important role when picking out your perfect lavatory fan; due to its size, even relatively powerful fans could become obnoxiously loud in such small confines! Make sure you choose wisely and ensure that all legal requirements are met at the same time.

Plants for Living Color

Unlock the hidden potential of your bathroom with the addition of lush, vibrant plants! A shelf crafted for them can give trailing varieties a place to show off their personality and provide an attractive living touch in stark white spaces. Let nature enliven even our most utilitarian rooms!

Choose the Proper Flooring

Transform your bathroom from drab to fab with stylish, waterproof flooring options! Ceramic and porcelain tile, luxury vinyl plank or tiles, and sheet vinyl are all well-suited for bathrooms. Sheet vinyl is especially practical since it can even cover a small bathroom in one continuous width – perfect for creating the illusion of an expansive space without any fussiness.

Color-coded room dividers

an inviting space in small bathrooms with bright and airy décor. To make the room feel bigger, choose whites or light shades on all surfaces – from walls to tiles, fixtures and fittings- including ceilings! Incorporating a hint of color can provide personality without overwhelming the area; just remember not to go too dark.

Bathroom Lighting Is Important

Checking your reflection in the mirror shouldn’t be a strain on the eyes! Installing sconces around the bathroom and adding dimmers to control light intensity is an easy way to make sure that any late night primping won’t leave you feeling like you just got off of a roller coaster. You’ll also have all sorts of options for creating romantic atmosphere during long soaks, or energizing vibes first thing in morning showers.

Add Freestanding Parts

Interior design is all about striking the perfect balance between form and function. To get that right, designers suggest adding one eye-catching feature – like a stunning chair or cupboard – to any room with enough space for it. If you’re worried about losing square footage, never fear! Concealing functional pieces in plain sight will help preserve your valuable real estate without sacrificing beauty – plus many of these statement items can be put to practical use too by storing things like bathroom supplies inside them.

Increase the Number of Hooks

Hooks are a great way to add more storage space and organization in the wet room. Make use of them for hanging up robes, towels, and even clothes; you can attach hooks on any blank wall or behind doors if there isn’t enough countertop area!

Add Extra Mirrors 

Using a mirror in a restroom is typically associated with the sole goal of inspecting one’s appearance (beauty or otherwise). Bathroom mirrors serve a practical purpose by reflecting light and creating the illusion of more space. Although the mirror over the sink is the most common, many homeowners often install a secondary mirror in the room.

Large, full-wall mirrors are ideal for bathrooms of any size. Keep mold at bay by leaving some room for air circulation behind your mirrors.

Use Wainscotting

Beadboard for the wainscot has a dual purpose. In the first place, it’s easy to install and it gives things a vintage vibe when used properly. Second, beadboard is useful because it prevents the lower part of the walls from getting wet when water spills out of the tub or shower.

As long as you give the beadboard a good coat of oil-based paint, it will be practically watertight. Tile wainscot can be installed on the bottom forty to forty-eight inches of a wall if beadboard is not the right aesthetic choice. Tile, like paint, can shield walls from dampness, and it comes in an almost unlimited variety of looks.

Don’t Forget About Storage

Most bathrooms have very little spare space, making a built-in shower niche a necessity. Whether you want to cut a hole in the wall and fit one in or purchase a precast niche to tile over, the process is the same. Make sure it’s not too small to store all of your shower essentials.

During Bathing: You can either have a vanity made to order, in which case you’ll need to choose materials that can withstand a high-moisture climate and then work with a designer and contractor to get them made, or you can buy one already made. You can close the cabinet doors to conceal the mess, or you can make a curtain and rod for a more cottage-like feel.

Up on the Walls: Whether you go for built-in linen storage, a mirror cabinet, towel racks, and hooks, or floating shelves is a matter of personal preference and available space.

Location Do’s and Don’ts

Although moving the tub to a different location in a tiny bathroom might have a dramatic effect on the space, Cash warns that certain upgrades are not worth the cost. ‘ The sink’s placement should not be moved. You may alter the tap but not the location. Simply said, moving will cause you more hassle and extra expense. Keeping the toilet close enough to the existing soil pipe can reduce plumbing issues and help you save money on the bathroom renovation.

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